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October 23, 2005
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MSPaintTutorial1 - CleanLines by black-rider MSPaintTutorial1 - CleanLines by black-rider
... well ... yahh wont be able to read it if yah don't


... yess a tutorial ... not my 1st, but the 1st to actually be finished. I started this one on friday. I was just drawing and I just felt like taking screen shots and explaining soo woop. yaa and partly cause people keep going
"no yah never drew that on paint"
"wow how did yah do that then"
... so heres the answer to tha silly questions.

sorry I'm not very good at explaining as much as other people. theres one thing to do something in theory, then theres doing it in pratice, then theres teaching someone else, all 3 being very different things. I'm really not very good at the teaching part, so excuse me.


like it says on the tutorial I'M 15 YEARS OLD! I've never had a lesson in drawing cartoons or digitally producing line art or how to draw on MSPaint. I've read a few tutorials and taught myself the techneques so please DO NOT critize this in any way. else you'll really pee me off. I'M NOT A PRO, therefore no one should expect me to draw like a pro, I draw good for my age and thats the way its gonna stay intill the day I'm a pro.
Having said all that I STILL WOULD LIKE COMMENTS. only nice ones about how your gonna go draw a picture on paint cause its so insirational lmao joke. but critique discouraged is a whole different thing to comments discouraged and I'm definatly not discouraging nice comments


the irelivant bit where black rambles about storys her and her friend made up

... sooooo a bit about the picture I'm drawing ... this is brett. brett, DA, DA, brett *introduces and watches as they shake hands*. brett hasn't been on DA before. hes a character from ~Thunderandlightning only a newer character therfore theres less pictures of him than there is of amy, TK, henry, rocky, rai etc ... infact I've not even drawn brett out in clean till now, I was still sorta character designing when I drew this.

brett was brought into the stories when me and ~dark-rogue went to switzerland back in easter time. it was just when I started getting into popular music. we started making up a reality TV show which we never actually named we just call it "battle of the bands thingi" ... basically we got a bunch of the actual characters and made a band up and then set them up against new characters we made up especailly. the only one who really stayed in the storys and got some sort of "main role" is brett. hes a lead singer and brill at almost any instrument you give him. his looks where very baced on 2-D from gorillaz. hes completely different to 2-D in character. his band is made up from his 3 sisters and his brother. his sisters where bi and got kicked out and izzy (bretts brother) and brett disobay their parents and go to this tv thingi with their sisters (cause the parents hate the sisters) and then it turns out brett relizes he likes boys more than girls and sleeps with peter on national TV .... *stabs peter and his sex obsession* ... so yaa bretts our little smexy gay rockstar character, all good storys need one.

lamo one day I got this magazine. NME classics: britpop. lmao theres a band called suede - a "rock n roll" band from the '90s ... lmao and the lead singers called brett anderson ... and I died in fits of laughter ... he too is a little gay rockstar called brett ... well I think he was bi ... cause he dated the girl from elastica ... the same girl later dated damon albarn from blur ...


but anywho ... enjoy my weird little tutorial





dates: friday 21st - sunday 23rd october 2005
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Acksis Featured By Owner Jul 13, 2009
eee nice tutorial~
nobody ever makes them for MS Paint fff

and I know a quicker way to get rid of sketch lines~
it's a lot easier for large pictures ;u;
1• pick the sketch colour as the secondary colour
2• select all [CTRL + A] - in the toolbox bar, there should be the box that lets you choose whether the 'background colour' will be transparent or not. make sure it's transparent.
3• delete all [CTRL + X]
4• fill the now blank (er, the secondary colour'd) screen with white/background colour
5• PASTE! [CTRL + V]
sketch colour is now gone~

just thought you might like this really long tip ahha
black-rider Featured By Owner Nov 15, 2009
thank you :)
Acksis Featured By Owner Nov 15, 2009
you're welcome<3
Sakurarmarie Featured By Owner Dec 9, 2008   Digital Artist
Thanks, that was super helpful
You see I have misplaced my illistrator CD and I really wanna finish my pic soon, So I did my lineart with paint
It actually was eaiser then I thought and came out pretty Good
black-rider Featured By Owner Dec 9, 2008
great to hear it helped :)
Near--Mizuru-chan Featured By Owner Nov 29, 2008
This great! <3
And that little cheat really helps me out.
black-rider Featured By Owner Dec 1, 2008
thanks :)
ambbrainbow Featured By Owner Jun 9, 2008
this helped me a lot!! thnk u!!!=D
black-rider Featured By Owner Jun 9, 2008
not a problem and thank you.
nifleheim Featured By Owner Jan 31, 2008  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Oh my god this is crazzy
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